Outliers 100: Life lessons from AR Rahman

So what’s the big deal about the 100th episode of the Outliers podcast? What’s the big deal about the 100th of anything? Not much, if you ask me personally.

Milestones can be lifeless. But, milestones can be a big deal, too. 

It all comes down to the events surrounding any milestones, or an outcome. Sometimes the events make a milestone. 

This episode, the 100th episode of the Outliers, could well have been the first, third, or 63rd. But it would still be special. And here’s why. 

A.R. Rahman — A.R. as he prefers to be addressed — is one of those Outliers who, having charted a unique path of their own and spread their magic along the way, hardly need an introduction. His genius lies not just in his creative melodies — ranging from the enchanting Roja to the soulful Kun Faya Kun to the peppy, Oscar-winning Jai Ho — but in seeking out all that is ‘good’. In music, in life, in other human beings. Never the one to talk too much or without reason, A.R. just about managed to give us, in this 100th episode of Outliers, a glimpse into his extraordinary mind and method.

“You learn much more from observing than talking,” he tells me in this podcast. 

Do tune in. 

P.S. We will be publishing the full transcript of this podcast later this month.