How Ritesh Arora learned from failures to bootstrap, then turn BrowserStack into a $60m rocket ship

If you’ve been following the mainstream startup movement in India, it’s likely you’ve never heard of BrowserStack, or its low profile founder Ritesh Arora.

But if there’s one startup playbook you must learn from, it’s the BrowserStack journey.

By the time BrowserStack earned its first million-dollar revenue in the year 2012-13, the founders Arora and Nakul Aggarwal were still working out of coffee shops.

Bootstrapping can be lonely, sometimes frustrating and even mean slow growth rates.

However, with two startup failures before building BrowserStack, Arora was not new to challenges.

“We had over 50 investors saying no when we tried raising funds,” Arora tells me.

BrowserStack’s current annual revenues are estimated to be around $60 million

Listen to this podcast with Ritesh and learn the BrowserStack journey.