Phanindra Sama on how entrepreneurship is a self purification process

What’s the biggest lesson you learned as a founder? “Entrepreneurship is a self purification process.” Why sell now? “I wanted to demonstrate wealth to my parents who were getting old.” In September 2013, I interviewed RedBus co-founder Phanindra Sama for Mint newspaper, right after he sold the startup to Ibibo (now part of Makemytrip). To […]

Tarun Mehta on the importance of keeping to your core vision

Entrepreneurship is hard. No matter what you’re building. It becomes even harder when you’re building something that’s not understood by many, and even worse if the product is clearly ahead of its time. But founders are crazy. They see opportunities when no one sees them. They also get blinded sometimes by it and fail. When […]

Ananth Narayanan, CEO, Myntra on protecting “the founder’s mentality”

India’s booming startup ecosystem has been mostly about the founders and the investors writing cheques to fund their ideas. But building a startup takes a lot more than just founders and investors. It takes exceptionally talented individuals who take the leap of faith to become part of these startup journeys as employers. And while these […]